TLC’s Extreme Couponing Aftermath at Publix?

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Whether you have been couponing for years are you area  newbie, chances are you have heard about TLC’s newest show, Extreme Couponing.

This show has glamorized the art of clearing shelves, stockpiles that are towers high, and a lifestyle that cannot be kept up by the average individual. In fact, there has even been talk of coupon fraud on the show.

Since this show aired, there has been a lot of coupon activity. Many individuals are coming into couponing looking to save 95% on their grocery bill. While I do not claim you will never walk out of a store paying nothing, to do this weekly with your groceries is not accurate. Depending on your area (different prices of meat, regions that double, those that can use competitor coupons) you should be saving 50% to 80% on your grocery bill.

With this recent explosion of “extreme couponing”, some stores are tightening their belt…one rumor being Publix. It is said that TLC will air some “extreme couponers” at Publix in an upcoming episode. Just yesterday, Publix’s Fan Facebook page announced that they are indeed changing their coupon policy and will release it in one month’s time.

There is chat about one type of competitor coupon per transaction, competitor coupons being limited to competitor stores that house a deli, bakery, and meat department, as well as use of competitor coupons that are only in a five mile radius.*

If you are a Publix Shopper, check out this recent article posted by the Tampa Tribune – Publix May Change It’s Coupon Policy. There is good conversation going on, so leave your thoughts here, on Facebook, or on The Tribune’s Website.

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*Thanks to Jenny at Southern Savers for some possible Publix Policy change clarification.


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  1. FYI- that publix FB page is a fan that created it and NOT a corporate page. The owner posted that info a couple months back.

  2. I teach basic couponing classes in my local community and small churches to benifit people who are looking to save money and cut their grocery expenses. We talk about sales cycles and that sockpiling is a good idea but only for enough of a supply for your family to last until the next sale cycle. Having one the “extreme couponers” in my immediate area AND also living in a state that does not have stores that double and triple coupons it is work to find really good deals. When I do find good deals I am now finding that the shelves are cleared every time I go in. It is frustrating to someone who only wants a few items for her family and not 1000 boxes. Now I have more time and gas spent going to different locations to try to get what we NEED. In the words of my mentor …” Just because you can do something does not mean you shouldn’t. Publix has already really started cracking down on the coupons they will accept and refusing coupons in my area as a direct result of this unfortunate phenomenon.

  3. That quote was wrong. It is supposed to say Just becuase you can do something doesn’t mean that you should do it.

  4. It’s funny you posted this today. Just last night I was using a lot of coupons at Publix and the bagger and cashier asked me if I watched that “couponing show” and talked about how awful it is that people stockpile food. They also talked about rude couponers who come in and are belligerent about their coupons. I could tell that show had given them both a very negative view of couponing. Hopefully I can be a better example of someone who is kind to the employees and doesn’t clear the shelves.

  5. I love Publix!! I live in the Tallahassee area and have already experienced changes with their coupon policy. I have tried to use a cvs $5 off $20 coupon before any other coupons were scanned. They said they are no longer allowing you to use that coupon before any other coupons. In other words you have to spend $20 after coupons in order to use the cvs coupon. Honestly, that is easy to do, but on some trips you can really score big if you can use that coupon before other coupons. :(

  6. Patricia L. says:

    I’m in Tallahassee too. Which Publix Marie?

  7. I live in Tallahassee too, and I went to Publix last night. They didn’t have a problem with the coupons that I used, but the cashier wanted me to hand her the coupons I had for each item as she scanned it, which made it a bit more time consuming for both her and myself since my hubby just put the items on the register in no particular order and my coupons were all grouped together by likeness. I hope they don’t change things too much cause I LOVE shopping there and would hate to have to start shopping at a bunch of different stores around town just to get the best deal on things.

  8. When I went to my local Kroger’s a couple of weeks ago, they too had changed their policy. You can no longer use a ecoupon and paper coupon and they were very rude with me about my coupons. I do no stockpile and just try to save some money. I think this show is hurting us people who do things sensibly. I wish it had never aired.

  9. Caitie says:

    I’m in Tallahassee, too, and have never had a problem with using coupons at Publix, but it’s sad they’ll be cracking down. I feel like the Extreme Couponing show is ruining couponing for the rest of us.

  10. I have a question does anyone know which grocery stores still double and triple coupons. My krogers doesn’t do double or triple coupons anymore.

  11. Jeremiah says:

    Personally, I am glad companies like Publix are changing their coupon policy. I was behind a woman in line at Publix that was yelling at the manager because they wouldn’t accept a dog food coupon from Petsmart as a competitor. How someone in their right mind would argue about something so foolish is beyond me. I have asked some of the cashiers about “extreme couponers”. They all say they are the rudest and most beligerent customers they have to deal with.