Coupon Printing 101

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I often get frustrated emails over coupon printing. While I am not the tech savvy person you all believe I am, I do have some helpful hints that will hopefully help you out – PLEASE understand, I might not be able to offer you every detail of explanation for a question you might present. I will do my best.
Note: Most coupons can be printed twice. Use your back button to get back to a printer to print. Sometimes this requires clicking your back button a few times.
Coupon Printers
Printing coupons DOES require you to install a Coupon Printer. There are a few types I have seen – one you see often is on or with Bricks, another on Smart Source, and another on Target’s website. For Smart Source coupons you will need the latest version of Java which you can get HERE. For PDF coupons, you need the latest version of Adobe which you can get HERE.
Installing the Printer
When you select a coupon to print and click the print button, you will be asked to install a coupon printer (if you have not done this before.) If your computer keeps asking you to install the coupon printer after you already have, one solution might be to check your spy/virus program to make sure this program in allowed to be used. Also, try a different browser (switch to Internet Explorer -IE, Safari, or Firefox-FF.) If it keeps giving you trouble, move on. I have had this happen before and sometimes I just don’t see a solution.
Bricks Coupons
You can recognize these coupons because the start out with the web address http://bricks. Bricks Coupons can be a little tricky as their address/code can be specific to the browser you are using (IE, FF, Safari – you can not print them in Chrome.)
So in the Bricks address, you are looking for key letters to know which browser to use. You can see the image below.
Internet Explorer (IE): wi or vi
Firefox (FF): wg or vg or xg
Safari: vi or xs
How do you know if you are in the wrong browser? Well the letters above should tell you, but the coupon will also say please wait or never print. Open a new browser and try again.
Places to Print Coupons
Smart Source
Red Plum
Electronic Coupons
Trouble Shooting Guides
Smart Source HERE HERE
Red Plum HERE
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  1. Laura Wilson says:

    Also, I’m pretty sure Snow Leopard is incompatible with some coupon websites.

  2. Cindy Owens says:

    Why do the coupons on not have a bar code? Will stores accept them without a bar code? Thanks!

  3. Ashley Howard says:

    I can’t find anything but food coupons, can you help me with how to find the other ones? I’m very new to this idea and I am raising three kids and my husband is out of work

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      Ashley, go to My Coupon Database at the to off my site under the coupons tab to find coupons

  4. Why can we only print 2 coupons at a time, or they say u have printed the amount of coupons needed, it drives me nuts, so how do the Women on TLC get all of thier coupons.And as far as I know the coupons dont go past at least 2 months. I have had a few that go till next yr, when I was a cashier in the 80’s the coupons didnt expire for months or a yr. guess this is just another way for the Big guys to get us still, so if anyone knows how the Gals on TLC do it, Please let me know. Thanks.

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      They buy coupons and get MANY coupon inserts each Sunday. They also use multiple computers to print coupons.

  5. Qadriyyah Yanogacio says:

    you will see bar codes once they print

  6. Melissa O says:

    I get the whole non-food couponing, but can you explain how to coupon for groceries, I also have been watching TLC and it looks so simple but as I read on it is time consuming. What is the best strategy to getting prepared for the market. (market ads, sale days)

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      Melissa, please understand that TLC’s show is a bit skewed. For couponing in stores, you match sales to coupons. I have a list of stores I share match-ups for on the right hand side of my site – look for the pink box.

  7. ive been printing coupons and using them but they never want to scan i had one person ask me if it was a double. Any help?

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      A double? She probably wonders if you copied it. printed coupons are okay especially when coming from product websites are, red plum, smart source, etc.