Amazon Diaper Deal – $40 Worth of Diapers for $2 Shipped

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Amazon Diaper Deal

HOT HOT HOT! HURRY and grab this $40 Diaper Deal for only $2 on Amazon! WE RARELY SEE THIS SAVINGS, not since Extreme Couponing!

You need to sign up for Amazon Mom for this deal!

To Get Yours:

  1. Sign up for Amazon Mom for a FREE 3 Month Trial. You can cancel before your trial is up so you are never charged. Note, you can not have signed up for Amazon Mom before. This is for NEW sign ups. To Cancel, sign in to Amazon and go to your account. Do not cancel before your package is shipped.
  2. New members can use the coupon code BABYTIME to save $25 on any one pack of diapers.
  3. Before purchasing, don’t forget to claim the added $5 off $25 Amazon Credit. This requires no trial or sign up, it is for everyone.
  4. Find ELIGIBLE DIAPERS FOR THIS DEAL. Look for diapers that are “SOLD BY AMAZON” or it will not be eligible for the coupon code.
  5. Grab the diaper you want and be sure to use “subscribe & save” to get 20% off and FREE shipping.
  6. During checkout, do not forget your code BABYTIME for $25 off and the $5 off with the link above. That is a savings of $30 off!


Try This Scenario:
Buy a box of diapers for $40
Get $8 off using the 20% for Subscribe & Save discount with your Amazon Mom account ($32 total)
Get $25 off with the coupon code “BABYTIME” ($7 total)
Get $5 off with your Amazon credit ($2 total)
Get FREE shipping with Subscribe & Save

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  1. I signed up, but it won’t let me use the promotional code “Babytime”.

  2. Can I do this deal with amazon prime or do I also have to join amazon mom?

  3. It looks like Amazon changed the terms of BABYTIME so that it can no longer be applied with any other promos

    • Ashley at Frugal Coupon Living says:

      Bonita, I know some people were able to shop this am. Still $25 off is a great savings.I hope you great a great deal!

  4. BABYTIME won’t work for me either. Looks like I’ll have to wait for the $5 credit to expire or buy something else with it.

  5. I just did this and it worked exactly as promised!! :) I got $47 worth of Huggies for only $7! Thanks!

  6. baby time didn’t work for me either, i called amazon and they adjusted it on their end. my box ended up being free :)

  7. I haven’t applied the $5 credit and it won’t let me use babytime. :(

  8. I just got a $48 box of Pampers for $6.25, shipped. I found the 1.50 coupon,used the S&S, joined amazon mom and used the 5.00 credit all on the same order. Awesome Deal!!!!!

  9. Jill Hoersten says:

    I dont see where it says there is a 3 month free trial?

  10. If I sign up for the subscribe and save, can I cancel in a month?

  11. I just did this and was able to use both discounts the $5.00 off $25.00 and the Babytime code. I did have to sign up for as a new member – on Amazon to get the 3 month free Prime trial, and then I had to search Amazon Mom on t heir site and sign up on that as well to get the 20% discount and then the free shipping. I also signed up for the $5.00 off $25.00 coupons FIRST (after I had confirmed my free Prime and Amazon Mom trial) and did my shopping through THAT link because they don’t actually give you a code to put int, they just automatically take off the $5.00 at checkout. I was able to purchase a 186 count of size 3 Huggies (= to 6 jumbo packs of diapers) for just $5.75 (this is = to purchasing 6 jumbo packs for just $0.96!! Thank you SO much for this info!! =) =)

  12. But now I have to sign up for subscribe and save?? I don’t want to do that. Can I get the order and cancel subscribe and save?

    • Ashley at Frugal Coupon Living says:

      Yes, you can also cancel subscribe & save under your “my account” settings. Your order needs to ship first or your will not get it cancelling before it has left the Amazon Facility.

  13. It said the $5/$25 promotion is over

  14. Cristen H. says:

    THANK YOU for the tip-off on this. I just ordered 140 count of Huggies Lil Movers (size 5) for $10.12 shipped. That’s $.07 a diaper! Normal price was $46.40. Signed up for Amazon Mom for $25 off, plus Subscribe and Save for 20% off, then it applied a $2 coupon for me. Awesome deal.

  15. It wouldn’t let me get luvs using baby time but I think its because they are cheaper! However I got 140 size 6 huggies for less than $6!!

  16. The whole thing worked for me! It combined the promos and everything. :)

  17. Everything worked for me except the $5/25 It said it already expired. Still got an awesome deal of 222 Size 3 Huggies Snug and Dry for $12.75 shipped!!!!!

  18. I got a box of 192 pampers ($47.19) made a new amazon and amazon mom account, subscribed and saved (took off $9.44) used the $1.50 coupon, (amazon told me the $5 share credit was expired) then used the $25 code, making it $11.25 shipped for free with the 3 month prime trial for signing up with amazon mom. Still a great deal

  19. I tried signing up for amazon mom but it wanted to charge me the $79. Do you have to be new to amazon to get an amazon mom free membership trial?

  20. how do you get the $5 off 25? I’m confused, plz help

    • Ashley at Frugal Coupon Living says:

      This coupon is now gone. The $5 off $25 can not be used bust still a great deal!

  21. I waited to write a comment on this to see if it’s really true. I received my 2 packs. I have a prime amazon so the free shipping didn’t matter. The only thing was the $5 off $25 was no longer valid, but I received the other deals. It’s not 2 packs of Diapers for $2, but instead $6 for both.. Still worth it since the each pack is about $25 plus tax in the stores…

    Thanks for the DEAL!!