Walgreens 101

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In my area, Walgreens (Wags) is truly like my neighborhood drugstore. I LOVE Walgreens and the employees at the store I have couponed at for years can vouch for that.  They have watched my babies enter the world and grow up, they are the first to know when we have a new virus, cold, etc, and they have kept in touch with me even when they have left the store.  Much like their competitor store, they have their own system of money and there is a true strategy to getting items you use everyday for incredibly low prices (you might even find yourself making money.)

What are Register Rewards? A Register Reward (RR) is like “monopoly money” for Walgreens.  Weekly, Walgreens offers deals that give you back RRs.  RRs print out on a machine called a Catalina machine (this machine sits beside the register when you buy your merchandise).  Cashiers will hand you your RRs with your receipt at the end of your purchase.  Most RRs are limited to one per purchase, so keep that in mind.  RRs have an expiration date, so pay close attention to them.  You can use these RRs on ANY* item in the store (not on the same purchase for which you receive the RRs). Walgreens does not have a reward card that must be scanned for you to get a RR.

What kind of Coupons will Walgreens take? Walgreens takes manufacturer (MFR) coupons and store coupons (SC or Wags coupons). There is a little bit of a catch you need to remember when using coupons in a transaction. The number of coupons you use must be the same number or less than the number of items you purchase. If you purchase 5 items, you can only use 5 coupons. Keep in mind, Walgreens considers RRs coupons. When you find yourself in a tight predicament like this, try to find a “filler” item. A filler item is a very cheap item (a $.25 piece of candy) that allows the amount of items you have purchased to come up but the number of coupons have to remain the same.

Where can I find Wags Store Coupons? Email, Weekly Ads, Booklet, Magazines. 1) Sign up at Walgreens to get coupons sent to your email account. 2) Walgreens has coupons in each of their weekly flyers. You do need to use these coupons to get their discount. While many of their sale items do have reduced prices without a Walgreens coupon, some do require you to cut the coupon from their flyer. The good news on these coupons is that if you get 3 items, you only need ONE coupon to reduce the price on all three items. 3) Booklets at Walgreens can range. Sometimes they have kids coloring booklets that have coupons, sometimes they have seasonal booklets (found in the non-over the counter area with coupons), but each month they have a booklet that is good from the start to the end of the month. This booklet is either found at the front of the store or near the cashier.  4) Take a look in the non-over the counter area for the Diabetes and You Magazine. It is a free publication.

What order should I give my coupons? I usually give manufacturer coupons, Walgreens coupons, and then register rewards.

What are Rain Checks? Rain checks are issued by the cashier on regularly stocked items that are on sale but no longer available in the store. Unlike CVS, you cannot get a rain check on an item that issues RRs. You can only get rain checks on sale items.  These can work for and against you. They can work for you because a coupon might come out later for your rain check item or this can work against you because you might have a coupon that is about to expire.

What do I, personally, do with my RRS? I don’t use RRs on items I need (unless I have an overflow on extra RRs.) I use my RRs to buy my next RR items.  This means I keep recycling my RRs.  This can be a bit tricky because you need to remember that you cannot use RRs to buy the same RR item. You also need to make sure you don’t have more coupons than you do items (as mentioned above,)

*RRs cannot be used for alcohol, tobacco, non-over the counter medications, and some other similar purchases.

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  1. Question – I recently purchased a pack of razor blades with a coupon that was supposed to have a RR with it. This was the only thing I bought. The RR didn’t print and I questioned it. They said if I use a coupon I don’t get the RR. Is this also true? I know they are funny about the amount of items/coupons but this doesn’t make sense to me. I run into all kinds of problems at the WAGs around here and have started only shopping at CVS and Rite Aid.

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      You should have gotten RRs even using a coupon. Give Walgreen’s corporate a call and ask about this. if RRs should have printed then they will send them to you in the mail. I had to do this once and I am warning you the RRs came SOOO late I almost forgot about them, but they come!

  2. Thanks for the Walgreens 101. I always have tons of problems with items ringing up correctly, though the employees are always great to fix the problem. I am wondering, can you use more than 1 RR to pay for a purchase, as long as you stay within their equal coupon/item restriction?

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      yes Trish, you can use more than one RR during a transaction. like you said, stay in the correct ration – one item, one coupon.

  3. Quick question — I have noticed many times that you refer to using a Children’s Activity Book to gather certain coupons (Huggies, in particular). I have been doing diaper deals at Walgreens for quite some time, but have always just passed up that step, relying on just manufacturer’s coupons and RRs. Just this past week, I decided to finally ask about the book. Not one employee working at the store that day had any idea what I was talking about. Can you provide some info about this book? Thanks a lot!!!!!

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      This book was out this summer. From what it is long gone. It is a coloring book (in that area)…some registers had it at the checkout area. It was around $1. I am sure more will come out sometime soon. I don’t have the coupon in front of me but I believe they expire soon.

  4. i have been searching but havent had much luck..i have seen references to month long RR deals, do you know where I could find an official list?
    Thank you!

  5. I recently shopped at Walgreens and they told me if I purchased RR items with RR’s that I wouldn’t get the RR’s from the items I purchased with them. Is that true?

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      Yes and no. You can purchase RR items for new RR items, but they deal has to be different. If you purchase a Aveeno RR deal (for example), and use those RRs to buy the same RR deal you will not get new RRs.

  6. Crystal says:

    I am having alot of trouble at my Walgreens. I am not sure how you and many other sites say you get “Money Makers”. Every time I try to use a coupon that is over the amount of the product they refuse to use it or if I get someone nice they will mark it down to the sale price. How do you get a “money maker from walgreens?

    Thank you

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      most moneymakers occur on a RR item rather than using a coupon too large. I do not call those moneymakers :)

  7. Can jingle cash be used with RR?

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      yes, but in the same way you need the number of items as you are using coupons/jingle cash/RRs. For example if you have two RRs, one jingle cash, and two coupons, you need five items in your cart.