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Tangerine Lip Balm with a Touch of Lime!

  • Author: Ashley at Frugal Coupon Living


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  • 1.5 oz. beeswax
  • 2 tbsp. unrefined coconut oil
  • 1 tsp sweet almond oil
  • 15 drops of pure tangerine essential oil
  • 5 drops of pure lime essential oil (use your judgement as to how strong, but the 20 is fairly mild so you can always add another few if you wish)
  • Lip balm containers – I used the small tub type for this & it made 22 total.


  1. The best way to start is to have your containers already lined up, with the lids removed, as once the wax is ready, it’s a pain to have to rush and do it then.
  2. Next, melt your beeswax in the double boiler over medium heat. Once it starts to boil just put it on a low setting and leave it there as you stir the wax. Stir every few minutes
  3. until the beeswax is fully melted into a nice, smooth with no lumps. (Melting time will vary depending on which type of beeswax you’re using).
  4. Next, add in your coconut oil, and stir until melted fully into wax. Then add your sweet almond oil, & finally the lime & tangerine essential oils.
  5. Leave the water on the lowest setting to keep it warm while you fill, because if it starts to harden at all, you will need to put it back on the water and let it melt again. It will start firming up fairly fast, so I normally have to do this before I get to the end of it.
  6. Now you are just about set! Just let the balm set up for an hour or so & then you can apply your lids & labels!

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