Snowman Grahams

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  1. Cut felt into 1″ strip and wrap around neck of bottle as scarf.
  2. Fasten in place with glue.
  3. Heat White Candy Chips in small bowl by microwaving for 30 seconds stirring and repeating until melted.
  4. using a toothpick place drops of candy on front of bottle to act as glue and place sixlets as buttons.
  5. Allow to set.
  6. Carefully push straw through mini donut.
  7. Using black icing make dots for eyes and mouth.
  8. Cut Starburst into thirds. Then cut each of these diagonally and roll with fingers to form carrot noses.
  9. Dip end or carrot noses in white chocolate and place in center of donuts.
  10. Allow to set.
  11. Fill bottles with milk, and insert straw.