Snow Cone Summer Cupcakes

  • Author: Ashley at Frugal Coupon Living



  • 6 Prepared Cupcakes, unfrosted
  • 1 Container White Frosting
  • Sanding Sugars—red, yellow, blue
  • 6 White Styrofoam Cups, 12 oz
  • 6 Plastic Spoons
  • Scissors


  1. First, cut off a little more than half of the top of each cup. The bottoms will be used to hold the cupcakes so make sure the cupcakes fit inside with the cake tops being about even with the cup tops. Don’t put the cupcakes into the cups yet.
  2. Frost each cupcake with a thick layer of frosting and smooth it into a dome shape.
  3. Start with the blue sugar and sprinkle a thick coat on the left third of the frosting so it looks like a blue stripe. Use the yellow sugar next and sprinkle a thick coat on the middle of the cupcake to look like a yellow stripe. Use the red sugar last to sprinkle on a thick coat for a red stripe on the right third of the cupcake. It should resemble a snow cone.
  4. Set each cupcake down into a cup and dip a spoon down into the edge of the cake so it looks like a spoon inside a snow cone.
  5. Ready to serve.
  6. These are an easy, cute treat to make for any summer party. And they won’t melt!

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