Fig Newtons Easter Bible Cookies



  1. Outline the top of a Fig Newton cookie with a thin rectangle frame of decorator’s icing. This can be in any color that you like, but we prefer white.
  2. Next, make two vertical lines with icing on either end of one side of the cookie. This will make the spine of your Bible.
  3. Draw a cross with icing in the middle of the top of your Fig Newton cookie.
  4. Cut a small rectangle shape from a Fruit Roll Up. Gently push it into the filling on top of the cookie. This will be the top of your bookmark for the Bible.
  5. Cut another rectangle from the Fruit Roll Up, but this time, cut a small triangle out of the bottom edge of it. Gently push this piece into the filling on the bottom of the cookie so that it sticks out slightly. This will be the bottom of the bookmark in your Bible cookie.
  6. Stick the cookies in the fridge or freezer for a bit to let the icing start to harden, or serve immediately.