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What is Elf on the Shelf?

Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas Tradition. The tradition has a book and a elf doll. The book is poetic and in rhyme sharing the purpose of the Elf’s visits. The Elf visits each Thanksgiving. He/She goes and returns from the North Pole each evening. Every morning he can be found in a new location in the house. The Elf has been found in the refrigerator, fishing in the toilet, writing messages on the mirror or hanging from the lights. It is VERY IMPORTANT, the Elf is not touched each evening or his Christmas magic will be lost! Each family is able to name their special elf. The elves return to their home (Santa’s North Pole Work shop) every Christmas Eve. An Elf’s Story can also be found on DVD


Don’t forget the Bendable Elf on the Shelf Tutorial. Easy DIY (do it yourself) craft for making your elf move. Pin it to Pinterest.


Be sure to grab your FREE Elf on the Shelf Printables – These are Adorable and even have a spot where you can write you own message!


Speaking of printables, there is another cute one here. Personalized and print online this adorable and FREE Elf on the Shelf Note!


Coming all November and December month long…. Stay tuned for DOZENS of Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

FREE Elf on the Shelf Printable Notes - Pin to Pinterest

Elf in Flight with FREE Printables - Pin to Pinterest

FREE Blank Elf on the Shelf PrintablePin to Pinterest

Elf Does Laundry with FREE PrintablesPin to Pinterest

Elf Goes Fishing with FREE PrintablesPin to Pinterest

Elf Makes a Gum Drop BallPin it to Pinterest

Elf Sews with the SingerPin it to Pinterest

Elf Paints his PortraitPin it to Pinterest

Elf Goes Fishing in the Play Kitchen Sink - Pin to Pinterest (don’t forget the Step2 Kitchen Sale)

7 Lesson from Elf on the Shelf - Pin to Pinterest

Elf on the Shelf Gift Guide - Pin to Pinterest

Elf Goes on Dancing with the Stars – Pin to Pinterest

Elf Toilet Papers the Christmas TreePin it to Pinterest

Elf Makes Coffee - Pin to Pinterest

Elf Reads a Book to Friends - Pin to Pinterest

Elf Gets SickPin to Pinterest

Elf Brings Some Dollie & Me PJs - Pin to Pinterest (Dollie & Me Sales)

Elf Goes to the Rodeo - Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Shares the Reason for the SeasonPin to Pinterest

Elf  on the Coach Carriage RidePin to Pinterest

Elf Saves Neverland and Tinkerbell - Pin to Pinterest

Elf Plays a Game - Pin it to Pinterest

Snow Balls Anyone with FREE Printable – Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Decorates the Tree Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Swings from a Trapeze Candy Cane – Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Gets Dolled Up - Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Goes Shopping Pin it to Pintereset

Elf Eats Popcorn and Catches a Movie – Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Clips Coupons and Saves Money Pin it to Pinterest

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Pin it to Pinterest

I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them Elf I am – Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Leaves a Message in Flour – Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Makes a Thanksgiving Appearance – Pin it to Pinterest

Have a Little Faith – Pin it to Pinterest

The Doc is In – Doc McStuffins Fixes Elf  – Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Eats the Halloween Candy – Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Goes Duck Dynasty Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Takes a Nap – Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Goes Camping Pin it to Pinterest

Under the Sea – Pin it to Pinterest

The Big Toy Catalog – Pin it to Pinterest

The One Man Band  – Pin It to Pinterest

Trip to Disney – Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Brings Flowers – Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Goes to the Beach – Pin it to Pinterest

Hiding in the Thanksgiving Bush – Pin it to Pinterest

Buddy the Elf on Facebook – Pin it to Pinterest

Date Night Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Babysits – Pin it to Pinterest

Rub-A-Dub-Dub There’s an Elf in Our Tub - Pin it to Pinterest

Say Cheese – Pin to Pinterest

The Flight of the Butterfly – Pin it to Pinterest

Here’s My Number, So Call Me Maybe Pin it to Pinterest

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer – Pin it to Pinterest

Leaving on a Jet Plane” – Pin it to Pinterest

The Pet Sitter Pin it to Pinterest

Road Trip Pin it to Pinterest

Elf Gifts, Accessories, Games and More

Elf on the Shelf Game Day Jersey

Elf on the Shelf Chef Apron Set

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Elf on the Shelf Snowflake Skirt

Elf on the Shelf Tutu

Elf on the Shelf A Birthday Tradition (great for a November or December Birthday!)

Elf on the Shelf Presents An Elf’s Story Sound Book

The Elf off the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition Gone Bad

Set of 25 Santa’s Official Naughty and Nice List Certificate

Elf on The Shelf Hide and Seek Game

Elf on The Shelf Naughty or Nice Board Game

The Elf on the Shelf Lunch box with Puzzle Pieces

Elf on the Shelf Ornament

Elf on The Shelf Flicker Night Light

Elf on the Shelf Plug in Bubble Night Light

Elf on the Shelf LED Candle

Elf on the Shelf Advent Calendar

An Elf’s Story DVD

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