Holiday Gift Guide 2012 | Hexbug Warriors Battling Robots Battle Arena – from $20

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I recently had a chance to review the new Hexbug Warriors Battling Robots Battle Arenafor our Holiday Gift Guide for 2012!  If your child is into Hexbugs, then this just takes the experience to a whole new level.  AND, the Best Toys Guide named HEXBUG Warriors as Top Toys for Christmas 2012!

The newest addition to the Hexbug family, the Hexbug Warriors Battling Robots Battle Arenas come with 2 Nano specimens and 10 easy connect pieces, giving you the freedom to get creative and see how many ways your Nanos can battle!  Outfit your Warrior with strategic combinations of mechanical weapons and armor to outmaneuver rivals, and battle to control the fate of each academy’s Warrior fleet.  Choose from Viridia vs. Bionika, Caldera vs. Tronikon or Caldera vs. Bionika

Choose Training Mode, with unlimited health, for scrimmages and testing purposes. Power Warriors into Match Mode for competition. Once put in Match Mode, each robot’s Shock Sensor activates its Damage Indicator Light which changes colors from green to yellow to red and blinks more rapidly as its health decreases. Warriors can then be reset after each battle.  It sounds complicated but it’s really not and because you can change the game in so many ways, it keeps the kids entertained for quite a while trying to figure out which way to win the battle!

If you’re not familiar with Hexbugs yet, they are micro-creature toy robots that take on the movements of real bugs. Hexbugs have just a few simple behaviors: they move forward with a classic alternating tripod gait, looking very much like a real bug.  And, if an obstruction touches either of the antennae, or if it detects a loud sound it will back up to the left and then continue forward.  In fact, the first time I ever saw one, they kind of freaked me out a little because they are so realistic in their behaviors.

The Hexbug Nano series also flips itself over if it is placed on its back. It has an off-set motor in it which causes it to vibrate.  Again, so realistic it’s a little un-nerving for this mama.  These little bug robots are quite popular with boys, though, and do not seem to bother them one bit!

Find Hexbug Warriors Battling Robots Battle Arena wherever Hexbugs are sold.  Amazon has these priced around $30 right now with FREE Prime or Super Saver shipping and Toys R Us has them for $19.99 with Free Shoprunner 2-day shipping (make sure to sign in to your Shoprunner account)!

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