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Extreme Couponing has become a phrase we have all heard of. When TLC launched a new show in late December 2010, Extreme Couponing took off.

Last night a new season began and I am sure many of you were screaming or quite up with with what you were seeing on your television. Two of TLC’s shoppers bought LARGE quantities of Quilted Northern Toilet tissue and Hefty Bags with fraudulent coupons according to Coupon Information Corporation’s (CIC) list as counterfeit coupons. More details and images of this trip can be found on Jill Cataldo’s website and post.

There were a lot of mixed reviews about this series. Many have felt the show misrepresents couponers showing rather an episode of hoarders whiles others were lining up to learn out to do this amazing job of bringing groceries home for FREE! The truth is you CAN shop for FREE, however, I do not envision many of our shelves stocked as high as they show on television. You also will not walk away from the grocery store with a $.56 receipt for $700 worth of groceries – that is not REALITY.When shopping, expect to save 50 to 70% on a good trip.

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First two of my favorite places to shop for FREE or create MONEYMAKERS are CVS and Walgreens.

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If you like to Shop online, some of my favorite resources are ShopRunner, Amazon Subscribe & Save, Swagbucks, and Groupon.

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  1. rosemary says:

    I watched a little last night of both shows so not sure which one this was on, but it clearly showed the cashier scanning the same coupon several times.

  2. Dairymaid says:

    I was very surprised that I saw several large value coupons like $5.99 and $9.99. I NEVER see those anywhere!!!! Isn’t there some way we can put this show “on the carpet”? It’s very unrealistic the scenarios they are protraying!