Japan Quake & Tsumani Relief: How We Can Help

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Prayers will be matched with a dollar donation too, please tell me if you can’t give monetarily but you are praying.

Many of us have been watching the aftermath of the destruction caused by one of the biggest earthquakes to date and a large tsunami that struck Japan shortly after. The scenes, the events, the destruction has been awful. Sitting at home in the fifty states, we are of course at a loss of how we can help. I think the two biggest ways are through PRAYER and GIFTS.

PRAY. Pray for the people, pray for the families, pray for the destruction, pray for the lost survivors, pray for those that did not make it…pray.

DONATE. Even donations of $1 to $5 can help. If we all (as readers of Frugal Coupon Living) gave, we could donate upwards of hundred thousand! Consider your donation a small amount toward the FREE service you get on FCL.

Please be wise about what organiazations you donate to. This is a perfect time for scammers. I have listed some trusted sites below.

The American Red Cross: You can make a donation on line.  Or, you can simply text REDCROSS to 90999 and instantly donate $10 to the Japanese relief efforts.

The Salvation Army: You can also donate on-line here as well.  You can also text JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888 and make an instant donation.

Heart to Heart International: Only 2% of all donations are kept to cover overhead.  That means 98% of what you send to them will actually make it to the quake ravaged areas.

Samaritan’s Purse: This is the company that I will be sending my money toward. I like their biblical message and appreciate their low overhead costs. Donate HERE.

There are other bloggers who are joining in this relief effort.  They all agree that we can do something and should if we can.

Blogs Joining in the Effort:

A Thrifty Mom

“Cents”able Momma

Groupon Girl


Moms Need to Know

Nicole’s Nickels

Passion for Savings

Penny Pinchin Mom

Saving with Shellie

She Saved

Surviving the Stores

For every donation (let me know in the comments) I will donate $1 (up to $500) to Samaratian’s Purse. I will even donate a $1 for prayers, so if you are unable to contribute monetarily let me know you are praying below.

If you are a blog and want to join in this campaign relief – please link up!

Photo Credit: Samaratian’s Purse

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  1. I donated $10 to the Red Cross thru their texting program.

  2. Rebeccah Collins says:

    Praying, donating AND making hygiene kits for humanitarian/compassionate service.

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful website that my family and I use on a DAILY basis. I am happy to donate $20.00, towards the relief efforts in Japan. I donated through Samaritan Purse. Thanks again for your wonderful website and for thinking of others in this great time of need. Below is my donation confirmation from the site.


    Total to charge: $20.00
    Emergency Relief (13310)

  4. Thanks for allowing us to share on your website! This breaks my heart and we are praying for all the victims…

  5. Thanks for this post and encouraging everyone to donate! I donated to Doctors without borders.

  6. Samaritan’s Purse is a great organization, thank you for giving to them. God bless Japan.

  7. I donated through Salvation Army and praying for all of those affected.

  8. I am praying that the people of Japan will hear the good news of Christ and be drawn to him during this devestating tragedy. Thank you for donating space on your blog for this great cause.

  9. Denise Wilson says:

    We have some dear friends of ours who are missionaries in Japan. They are safe, thank the Lord! But their hearts are heavy for the great loss of those around them. We are praying for Japan!

  10. Debbie P says:

    Praying for those affected by the events in Japan.

  11. So far my family and friends have simply said daily prayers. I plan to donate tonight, thank you for the links to the organizations with smaller overhead! I am sometimes hesitant to donate to organizations known for not giving as much straight to those in need!

  12. I donated $25!
    Many, many prayers going out to everyone affected as well. I could never imagine what they are feeling.
    I am also going to post to my personal FB for every like I get on my status I will donate an extra $1!

  13. I am donating through my Church. I join you in prayers for Japan. Thank you for organizing this opportunity for people to contribute!!!

  14. I just donated $10 to the Red Cross via text. I am also praying.

  15. Virginia Stallings says:

    I am praying for each and every person in Japan. The scope of this disaster is unprecedented. Not just one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded, not just the earthquake plus one of the most devistating tsunami in history, but an earthquake, a tsunami, and a three reactor nuclear disaster. This is one of the largests disasters we will ever face as the human race. My heartfelt prayers and hopeful wishes go to each and every one of the survivors, and may God bless those who did not.

  16. I donated to Heart to Heart. Thanks for giving me the info on thie organization as my husband and I were just talking about donating and wondering where to give our money.

  17. Gabrielle says:

    I feel horrible for those poor people :) I can’t even imagine the grief they are experiencing. I wish I could donate, however my husband and I are trying hard to keep our own family afloat in this economy…I hope my comment helps. Thank you for your generosity! Also, to Hollie, Rebeccah, and Maria: you are all very kind and I’m glad there are people like you in the world.

  18. I donated $25.00 to the Salvation Army.

  19. Gabrielle says:

    ^that was meant to be a frown face! Oh gosh that looks really bad…I’m sorry!

  20. HEATHER D. says:


  21. Jennifer Dantuma says:

    Thank you for what you’re doing to help. My son and daughter-in-law are both enlisted in the Air Force and serving in Japan on Masawa. They’re been affected as far as their apartment was trashed and they don’t have electricity or heat, but I thank God they are safe and sound. They’re working long hours and sleep is difficult due to aftershocks. All prayers from everyone are a blessing. Specific requests: sleep, my daughter-in-law is recovering from knee surgery and walking up and down 9 flights of stairs numerous times per day is taking a toll, and for spiritual growth as they hopefully draw closer to God during this crisis. Thank you!

  22. Lisa Davis says:

    I donated $5 to Samaritans Purse, and I’m also praying. Thank you for doing this to encourage people to help.

  23. So saddened by the devastation there – praying for them all

  24. I donated through American Red Cross. Thank you for encouraging others!

  25. Our family is praying for Japan. Its always so surreal to see this kinda of devastation on the news. Feel bad for everyone who is suffering there.

  26. Many prayers for all who are hurting and scared!

  27. Abigail Woodhouse says:

    I donated $10. to the Salvation Army and The Red Cross through their text numbers:)) Im praying for Japan. Im praying for us all….

  28. Melissa Gorski says:

    I am sending prayers for the children in Japan.

  29. It is awesome that you are donating! I am praying for Japan and the world with the Nuclear plant crisis

  30. I donated to Samaritan’s Purse through your news feed. Thanks for putting the list together.

  31. I hear people are rallying here in Va. to collect and send things needed to Japan. Prayers go out to all affected, the people, the volunteers, all who is involved. I cannot imagine what they must have been thinking seeing that wave of water heading right at them. May God be with them during this terrible time. Thank you for doing this for them.

  32. Hana in MA says:

    Thanks for taking part in this!
    Every cent counts, and I think spreading out the links of ways to donate and help are the most important thing right now. And also for those of us on low income, mini ways we can help too. Thank you.

  33. My mom was in Japan on business when the earthquake hit. She was getting into an elevator when it hit. She said the earthquake was horrible and the aftershocks were pretty bad too. She was terrified. I am lucky to finally have her home safe and sound. My heart goes out to all of the families that are affected by this tragedy and I applaud you for giving such a charitable donation to help people in their greatest time of need!

  34. Thank you all for doing this and posting this. I appreciate all guys your thoughts and efforts.
    You guys are great!!

  35. Thanks for encouraging our community to reach out. My family will be able to contribute $300 through Samaritan’s Purse. Meeting the needs of the body and soul. We are counting our many blessings!

  36. strawlis says:

    Thanks, Japan is definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I also plan to donate to Red Cross.

  37. Thank you for your generosity! It is wonderful to see all of the links and comments. It is so devastating and heartbreaking to watch the news and see the images. Praying and hoping.

  38. Karen Dunn says:

    Praying for the people of Japan. Donation to Red Cross being made.

  39. The people of Japan are in my heart and prayers.

  40. Brenda B says:

    I am praying for everyone affected by this crisis, and am going to discuss with my husband how much we can give to Samaritan’s Purse.

  41. Thank you for this. What happened in Japan was horrible, and I pray that Japan recovers as soon as possible.

  42. I’m so glad to see so many bloggers joining together to help! I lived in Japan for many years and have many dear friends living there, so this disaster is hitting me especially close to home. I donated $25 to Heart to Heart, as well as several smaller donations through other sites and some bucks on Swagbucks’ donation page.

  43. I am praying for Japan to make it through this tragedy.

  44. Morning! I Donated thru Living Social – Red Cross and Directly to the Red Cross.
    Thank you for all that you do!

  45. I signed up to donate $20 recurring monthly. They are going to need help for a long time!

  46. Rachel Paul says:

    Praying for Japan.

  47. Ari Thompson says:

    I’ve been praying every morning and night for these people. My heart is truly with them all. I admire the Japanese for their strength of spirit throughout this all. Are there still companies matching donations?

  48. Elizabeth says:

    Japan is in my prayers day and night.

  49. Praying!

  50. Donated money to Samaritan’s purse- they have done great work in Haiti, and I’m confident they’ll do wonderful things for the people of Japan, too.

  51. I donated to the Red Cross through their text message option. I am also praying for Japan and hoping they can find some hope

  52. Prayers and donation. Thank you!

  53. I donated $100 to the Red Cross.

  54. I donated money to Samaritan’s Purse. I also donated my swagbucks to their Japanese quake/tsunami fund. I also donated $5 to livingsocial, where they matched my amount to be donated to the Japan relief fund. I have my kids and I take a moment out each day to pray for the children and families.

  55. I am donating through work (we’re all pulling money for a larger donation) and am praying daily!

  56. Jaimie A says:

    Thank you for giving us another way to help donate.