Swagbucks Games – Earn 60 Swag Bucks Now

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You all know how I LOVE Swagbucks as my search engine. When I search via Swagbucks (instead of Google, Yahoo, etc) I earn Swag Bucks to put toward items like $5 Amazon gift cards!

TODAY Swagbucks released a new way to rake up Swagbucks – through FREE Games (see on the left column of the first page)

There are two ways to play games – FREE, which I gave a try. With each game played, you earn anywhere from 1 to 5 Swag Bucks. Or Play in tournaments (which cost some Swag Bucks, but the payout is even more Swag Bucks!)

My recommendation, play FREE for awhile, learning the end and outs of the games and then move on to playing in tournaments. The games I looked at only cost 8 Swag Bucks to Join.

I really enjoyed the game Submarine Puzzle (it was like Bejeweled.)

Keep paying attention to all that is going on at Swagbucks – they will be going mobile soon making access via your smart phone easy! It might make playing flash games anywhere all the more convenient.

EARN SWAGBUCKS: of course you earn Swag Bucks by playing, but when you sign up today earn 30 Swag Bucks for signing up but an additional 30 Swag Bucks if you enter the code SBGames.

Head to Swagbucks for a look!

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  1. Hmmm….it didn’t say “new” next to games and I signed up but nowhere did it talk about 30 points??? Or where to put a code??

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      On the home page you can add your code. See where it says Enter your Swagbucks code on the right column.
      The New was on my screen because I was part of a Beta Test Program.

  2. The right side where it says “Account Summer.” It says it is not a valid Swag code? I signed up with a game to play for “FREE.” Do you have to buy a game to get the 30 points?? I even read the Swag Guys info and I’m still not locating it. I’m usually pretty good at figuring things out. I guess not this time. lol

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      Tammy, you just signed up for Swagbucks today – right?
      If it did not work for you, message me with your email address and I will write my Swagbucks contact to let him know.

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      PS you do not have to buy a came for the 30 points.

  3. Ooooppsss…no I have been Swagging for a long time already. Sorry!!! I thought it was extra points for signing up to do the games! Silly me! Thanks for your patience!

  4. You just sign up and you can either go to their website each time you want to gain points for surfing the web, or you can just download the Swagbucks toolbar and do your searches from there. Then each time you do a search using the Swagbucks search engine, you gain Swag Bucks which are good towards a wide variety of prizes, including everything from GPS systems to memorabilia to gift cards to actual cash via PayPal. During the writing of this review, I installed the Swagbucks toolbar on my computer at home. At the completion of this review, I had already gained 410 Swag Bucks! Now, I’ve only got 40 to go before I can get a $5 Amazon gift card! Use this referal link to get a bonus of swagbucks for signing up! http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/tannguyen1