Local Readers – EarthFare in Town

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Many of you may have heard or seen by now that an EarthFare supermarket has come to town. I am evaluating doing a weekly store deals post around their sales and will let you know what I decide soon. Sometimes these specialty stores are a little more difficult to combine coupons and sales; but I will see what I can do.

In the mean time, take a look at this link for coupons that you may need for your shopping in the near future.  Remember also that Publix will take these as competitor coupons (for any products they carry) since EarthFare is now in our area.

I love that they are in our area now, offering more organic and local options (which is just as important, if not more so for some items).  Head over and have a look one day this weekend!

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  1. I went the weekend before Christmas. It was packed full of people! From what I could see of the store- did not stay long, it was a bit too crazy with 2 little kids- it looked really nice! I do hope to go back with coupons in hand! :o)

  2. yes please i would love to shop there but was hoping you would do a post… thank you for helping my family save so much money

  3. kay henderson says:

    We have this store in my town (opened last year) and they run lots of promotions. They are expensive for the most part but they ran a wonderful deal last season where you could bring in your old empty food containers (such as peanut butter, cereal, soda, jelly, coffee, etc.) and they would replace your old containers with their brand of the same exact thing. I walked away with $55 worth of groceries for nothing. They didn’t even charge tax. Since then I have seen lots of coupons for freebie items when you make a $5 purchase or more. Most everything is organic too which is usually really expensive. They frequently run deals on free organic ice cream and produce.

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      Great Kay, hopefully we can see some good deals this year too! I wish it wasn’t on the other side of town for me!

  4. My family loves Earthfare and we’ve been shopping with them for the last 6 years! It is expensive, but there are definitely deals to be had with matching coupons and sales.

    This week’s promo is a FREE box of Earthfare Organic Truffles with any $5 purchase. The chocolate caramel ones are so yummy. Here’s the link: http://www.earthfare.com/HealthySavings/EmailCoupon_6.aspx It runs through 1/4/11.

  5. If you sign up for the Earth Fare Health Journey online, you’ll find a screen with a coupon for a FREE Pantry Makeover. They will exchange peanut butter, soda, cereal, salad dressing, and jelly. It’s a GREAT deal. Also, I took a quiz and received another coupon to exchange a sports drink for one of their drinks. AWESOME!!!

    Please do the match ups! Pretty please!!!