Are You Swagging? Watch the points add up!

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I have seriously gotten about 100 points in two days (and seen pictures just like the one above) just from using the Swagbucks toolbar to perform searches like I normally would on Google.  You may think it takes a while to get to an amount that you can exchange for something; but it really doesn’t.  Especially on Fridays – Mega Swagbucks days.  And here’s a helpful hint: sometimes I’ll do a normal search and not get any bucks and then click on the images button for my search and I’ll get bucks!

There are plenty of other ways to earn; but I find that just using the search function is the easiest and most rewarding.

Head to Swagbucks to sign up and download the toolbar today!

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  1. I agree! I have only been swagging for 6 weeks, but have earned $15 in Amazon gift cards!!