Target Baby Registry FREEBIE

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Expectant Mamas – create a registry at Target (in store) for a nice bag of great coupons and gifts!

Inside the bag includes…


$20 gift card to Shutterfly
Package of 2 Huggies Newborn diapers
Package of 1 size 1 Pampers diaper
Travel size Johnson bedtime bath

Target Coupons:

$1.50 Jumbo pack or larger Huggies Diapers exp 9/4/10
$1 98ct or larger Huggies wipes exp 9/4/10
$1 California baby toiletry excl trial size exp 9/4/10
$1 Johnson baby care product – Bath or Lotion (excl travel size and buddies products) exp 12/31/10
$1 Johnson or Desitin baby care product – Hair care, powder, baby oil or diaper rash ointment (excl trial size and buddies products) exp 12/31/10
$1 Jumbo pack or larger Luvs diapers exp 9/4/10
$1 Pampers wipes (excl trial size) exp 9/4/10
$1 Target Cafe purchase of $1 or more exp 8/31/10
$2 Gerber purchase of $10 or more – Baby food or Graduates exp 9/4/10
$2 Johnson spf 40 baby daily face and body lotion
$2 jumbo pack or larger Pampers exp 9/4/10
$3 Gilligan & O’Malley nursing bra or tank exp 9/4/10
$3 purchase both Pampers baby wipes and diapers (excl trial size) exp 8/15/10
$5 8pk 2fl oz Simiilac Advance EarlyShield ready to feed bottles exp 7/1/10
$5 20oz or larger Enfamil powder formula exp 8/31/10
$5 24oz or larger Gerber Good Start powder infant formula exp 9/4/10
$5 purchase of both Pampers jumbo pack or larger diapers and 420ct or larger wipes exp 9/4/10
$6 Gerber Good Start powder infant formula exp 9/30/10 $20 off Medela electric breast pump exp 9/4/10
$.75 Aveeno baby toiletry excl trial size exp 9/4/10 5% off Brightstarts ingenuity product exp 9/4/10
$.75 Johnson or Desitin baby toiletry excl trial size and buddies exp 9/4/10

Huggies coupons exp 3/11/11:

$2.50 any Huggies package of diapers
$.75 any package of Huiggies wipes (64ct or larger)
$3 any package of Huggies Pure and Natural diapers

Thanks, Kristin.

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  1. I know Babies R Us will send you a coupon to save on the items you did not receive on your registry to complete your registry…does Target or Walmart do that? Just wondering if I need to set up a Target registry, as we got gift cards there, and none to Babies R Us at a shower…

  2. As I am going to be a foster mom, I didn’t create a baby registry, but a Target list instead. I got my bag last week when I went in to add more items to my registry. If we end up getting placed with a baby or infant, the coupons will definitely come in handy.

  3. Congrats on becoming a foster mom its nice to see there are still people out there who will do for others, other than their own :)

  4. I know that Target did that with wedding gifts (10 or 15% off anything remaining on the registery) and I am 99% sure they do it with baby gifts too. I hope so!

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      Sarah, they did when I registered with both of mime. My youngest is 6 months old.

  5. Do you have to register online or is available in store registry? Have a blessed day!

  6. Kate– what is a “Target List?” On another note–I’m a teacher who sees the benefit of great foster parents daily…thank you. It’s an amazing gift for those kids!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Do you have to go into the store for this? I created a registry online a couple of weeks ago. I also don’t see anything about this online. Thanks.

  8. Target does send you a 10% off your remaining items coupon.

  9. I didn’t know that you could register for baby things. I have been doing foster care for newborns for three years and I have to buy everything except formula. I think it would be nice for those of us to receive coupons or some such thing. We earn $25 per day so it is obvious we do this for the love of little children. I hope to do it forever. It is so wonderful to give to others and it makes you feel good and you know that it impacts a little babies life.

  10. how long does it take to get the coupon for fulfilment of the registry?

  11. kathryn Prus says:

    Question… Do you know how far in advance they send the 10% off coupon? I registered a while ago and still haven’t received anything. I’m 2.5 months away from my due date, but would really like to purchase the rest now just to get things set up in case I go into pre-term labor or something.

    • Frugal Coupon Living says:

      this post is a year and a half old. I have a feeling this offer has expired. Usually AFTER your due date, though, you get some sort of coupon to buy whatever was not bought on your registry.