Groupon – The Power of Collective Buying

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My brother has told me time and time again I need to post on this program Groupon. Unfortunately, I never felt comfortable enough to post on it because I didn’t feel like I knew enough about the program (it is not in my city) but due to Devon’s silent encouragement, I think I know enough to share with you this neat program and boy do I wish I listened to him ages ago!

The video below will share a little about the program. It explains it pretty well!

What is Groupon?

Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in cities around the world. These cities are usually larger cities.

There is a new deal each day. You can sign up for daily alerts or visit the site each day. These deals can be tricky – first it has to meet a quota. Meaning the deal is not good until a certain number of people sign up for it and buy it – the collective buying power. If that number is not reached, you are not charged. If it is met, then the deal is live and rolling! Anyone can buy.

What Can I Do with These Gift Cards?

These make nice gifts – we all know how popular gift cards have become. Also, f you are traveling, it might a be a good site to check out a few weeks before you travel – you might find a great deal you can use while there! Most gift cards last for a year’s time.

Cities currently participating in Groupon:

Albuquerque, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Tampa, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Phoenix, San Diego, Virginia Beach, Austin, Cleveland, Fresno, Los Angeles, Nashville, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Washington DC, Baltimore, Columbus, Houston, Louisville, New York, Portland, San Jose, Boston, Dallas, Indianapolis, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Raleigh, Seattle, Charlotte, Denver, Jacksonville, Miami, Omaha, Sacramento, St. Louis

Example of a Groupon:

Today in Atlanta, get a Signature Facial at Ageless Remedies for $55 ($125 Value). The deal was tipped when $125 bought (it went live) and now they are at 461 buys! There are much cheaper buys, Devon found a $19 bowling night in Dallas (retail value $50.)

Video StatsLearn How Groupon Works! from The Point on Vimeo.

Thanks, Jason and Devon.


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  1. wish they would come to Orlando!